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Our solution

The key is to home in on those critical elements that are embedded in any successful mail order or internet business – actually delivering the goods, delighting (and retaining) your customer, and doing it profitably.

W&MB Consulting Ltd is strategic consultancy focused on helping multi-channel and pure-play retailers create world class fulfilment and delivery operations.

With our years of experience and insight, we can help your organisation in understanding these issues and realising the opportunities that exist.



Walter BlackwoodW&MB is led by Walter Blackwood, who has many years’ experience of sitting on the boards of major mail order businesses (Otto UK and Littlewoods).

His experience of working with retail organisations while MD of Parcelnet and HDNL has given him significant insights into the challenges faced by any organisation in the virtual space.

Your challenge

It is increasingly evident that the e-retail element within the majority of retailers in the UK is becoming both the key area of growth and the critical element in determining profitability and sustainability.

But the key is not demand generation; with a recognised or established brand and excellent product, you can readily find the tools to optimise your search and web environment.

The challenge is to ensure that your business is organised for success.

The REAL e-retail issues

Net Realisation Converting demand into despatches and despatches into sales

Customer Retention Excellent products and prices supported by excellent customer service

Net Margin Maximising logistics efficiency, minimising delivery costs, optimising marketing expenditure

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Organising your business for e-retail success